day ■of seeing you with reference

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to the new sp■innet that your mother wished us to order from ●Montreal. We had a letter from the firm t■his morning, and I was going ■up to see you about it." Al■most unconsciously Abbie was led to walk with ●Mr. Wrenford the remainder of the way, wh●ile Thomas, biting his lips wi●th rage, followed in solemn silence with ●the Chief. It was rather late, a●nd the Chief, following the example of the oth■er members of the family, retired, leaving the● rival suitors and Abbie

in the sitting●-room. A look of triumph came into the■ face of Harold as she addressed h■er remarks mostly to him, and seemed obliv●ious of the presence of Thomas. Thi■s, however, faded away when she passed a small b■asket of maple suga

y, her face crimsoning to

r to his riva■l. Clouds and

the r■oots of her hair

sunshine alternate●d in the faces of the jea

as she observed the cold

lous suit●ors, each of whom had made a so■le

s●teel-gray eyes of Mr

mn resolve to remain until after the other■ s

. Wrenford● looking def

hould withdraw. The embarrassment of the sit●

iantly at Thomas.■ "I

uation was relieved only when the great old-f?/p>

fear we are intruding,"


鯽shioned clock struck one, and Abbie, with e?/p>

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駒tended hand, advanced



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to Mr. Brigha■m and said: "May I hope to hav●e the pleasure of seeing you sometime to-mo●rrow? and you, too, Mr. Wrenford," she added, ■as the two bowed themselves ou●t of the door. The progress of the suits of ■the rival claimants for Abbie's affe●ctions had been watche



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d with deep interest ●by the villagers; in fact, i●t was an open secret that betting■ had taken place among them on th■e chances of Harold Wrenford and Thomas Brigha●m. Abbie, who in every other matter● held such decided opinions, was unable● to come to a decision in this


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. At times, aft●er long nights of reflection, s●he was disposed to accept Harol■d; and then, again, after other wakeful ■nights, she felt her inclinations turnin■g towards Thomas. But now things had com●e to a crisis. All night she ●tossed restlessly on her pillow, indeci

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sio●n and suspense depriving her● of


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rest and peace, but as the first■ rays of dawn began to gild t●he eastern sky Abbie had resolved th■at she would accept the one who would come■ first. At an early hour Mr. Wrenford ca●lled, and after a prolonged int■erview, Abbie declared to the family cir■cle her engage

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ment to the young Engl■ishman. The announcement was re■ceived in silence. Tears trickled slowly ■down the mother's face, while the ●father's was radiant with satisfaction. It ●was subsequently decided to postpone ■the marriage indefinitely, out of def●erence to the wishes

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of the mother and■ brothers. CHAPTER XIV. CHAP■TER XIV. MACHECAWA SCALPS THE "■EENGLISHMAN." 1815. Rug had been at "The Landi●ng" for several hours awaiting t●he arrival of the Colombo, which ■was unusually late. His father ●had written from Quebec to have ●someone

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meet him and Abbie with a

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double-sea●ted waggon on that evening. The nigh


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●t was extremely dark. A high wind was blowing■ from the west when the lights of

the boa■t were seen as it rounded the headland on

it■s way to the wharf. "We have two trunks," said ■the Chief, after a mutual exchange of gr

eet●ings. "You had better make them secur●e to the rack with ropes, for

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